End Citizens United: United Against Federal Election Campaign Act

The 2010 American Supreme Court ruling is one of the most historic moments in the American history. According to the Supreme Court judges, legally corporations are people. The Citizens United had presented a case before the judges in seeking to regulate political spending and fundraising during the campaigns period. According to the Citizen Unites, wealthy individuals through their corporations would support the candidature of a certain individual and later come to control political and economic reforms. With the Supreme Court ruling against their favor, Citizens united were left with no option but to fight for their own. Hence the birth of End Citizen United.


Formed on March 1st 2015, End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee comprising of grassroots membership with a zeal of refuting the infamous Supreme Court decision. According to the committee, the small individual efforts brought together for a greater good can help cause an impact to the society. End Citizen United is fighting back on the election act through small but sure ways. With the good grassroots support, the End Citizens United is seeking to elected reform oriented leaders to champion for election finance reforms and secondly lead the war on the front by raising campaign funds through small individual contributions. So far, with the group on its first term ever, the progress is good.


By the first quarter of 2017, End Citizen United had already collected at least four million dollars and had further projected the contributions to increase to $35 million before the 2018 elections. If these figures will be achieved, this will mark a major milestone for the nonprofit organization as it that would mean an increase by $10 million from 2016.


End Citizen United is also doing well on its second objective of campaigning and election finance reform leaders. According to Tiffany Muller, the PAC president, Democrat Jon Ossoff will be without a doubt one of the first beneficiaries to benefit from the services of the group. Thanks to the help of End Citizen United, Jon Ossoff was able to raise $4 million for the purposes of the mini elections. Jon Ossoff a first time political aspirant is contesting for the seat of Tom Prince that felt vacant with his appointment to the secretary position in Health and Human Services post.


With 2018 being an election year, End Citizens has yet announced the side with which it will throw its help on, however it is expected to throw its weight behind election reform leaders. With this in mind, the war against dirty money in politics will soon be history.