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Sexuality Is a thorny issue. While everyone seems to want it not everyone has it. Some of the factors affecting it include menopause in women and prostate issues an erectile dysfunction in men. Dr. David Samadi deals with solving, treating and preventing these issues.

When most people hit 50, their sexual peak is in trouble and most of them find it hard to maintain this edge. Some of the issues that people face in regards to their sexuality are unavoidable. However, Dr.David Samadi has some remedies that might just do the trick of maintaining a man’s sexuality regardless of his age.

Visit the doctor at least once every year for a checkup: This should be regardless of whether you are well or not.

Avoid living a Sedentary Life

Living a sedentary life puts you at risk of contracting very many lifestyle diseases and conditions. Exercising includes Kegel exercises. Most people tend to become lazy as they age. This means that they become inactive and upon retirement, they end up just wallowing at home. However, one should always exercise no matter your age. Different exercise regimes can be done no matter your age, even walking around the block amounts to exercise.
Avoid drinking alcohol and stop smoking
Avoid taking illicit drugs such as hard drugs
Manage your stress levels.

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Eat Healthily: Avoid eating unhealthy foods and aim for fresh whole foods.

The factors above also appeal to the woman’s overall health and sexuality. However, many women tend to reach menopause during their mid-forties and mid-fifties. Menopause can simply be defined as the ceasing of a woman’s menstrual cycle for more than a year. The menstrual cycle marks every woman’s reproduction cycle and in turn, it also dictates her sexuality. Women are affected differently by menopause and when this time reaches many of them get confused because of misinformation. According to behance.net, Dr. David Samadi advises women that a dry vagina, gaining weight and hot flashes are some of the symptoms of menopause.

About Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David B. Samadi is a urologic oncologist who deals with urologic diseases and urological cancers. He attended the Stony Brook University for his Bachelors, Montefiore Medical Center for his Urological training and Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his proctology training. In addition to heading various medical establishments, he is also a media house medical contributor.

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