The Tale of Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of the makeup brand, Lime Crime. The brand has such an incredibly loyal following that has been described as cult-like. When it comes to Lime Crime, I must admit, I’m drinking the Kool Aid. The makeup is so incredibly unique and luxurious that I literally can’t get enough of the products. I stalk the company’s social media and website just waiting and wishing for a new product to roll out. The products Lime Crime makes are always as unique as the company itself. Doe Deere and her team have a motto. For example, Lime Crime recently released an incredibly cool line of eyeshadows that came in a brightly colored, shell-like case. The cases were made specifically to look like one of my favorite toys from the ‘90s: the infamous Polly Pocket. They say that if the team isn’t absolutely obsessed with the product, they simply won’t launch it to their fan base.


Doe Deere’s Lime Crime has gone from a small startup to a world renowned makeup brand with a massive base of customers that are incredibly loyal and serve as the brand’s best referral source. Doe Deere said that her customer’s referrals are her biggest source of new customers. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and the products that she makes.


Doe Deere was recently featured in Inspirely, a site dedicated to inspire others for success. The article covered things like the history of Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s history and her advice to others who wish to become an entrepreneur like Doe. The article begins with a picture of the gorgeous Doe Deere holding a doll of herself. Both Doe Deere and the doll are rocking bright blue hair and a bold red lipstick. Both also share her signature incredibly fair skin and mole on her cheek.


My favorite part of the article was learning more about the history of Lime Crime and Doe Deere. It made me realize how passionate Doe Deere truly is about her line of makeup. I think that this is a big part of what sets Doe Deere and Lime Crime up for such a big success and makes people so loyal to Lime Crime.


Lime Crime was originally founded to be a line of clothing. Doe Deere has always had an interest for designing clothing. In fact, she originally thought her life’s calling was to become a clothing designer. She studied at a fashion institute at the time she originally purchased the domain for Lime Crime. She chose the name due to the similarity it had to the rhyming in fairy tales. She said she adores how fairy tales seem to rhyme for no reason. However, she pivoted to a makeup brand when she realized that makeup was what she was truly called to do. She grew her following and customer base by doing online video tutorials of her doing her own makeup and Lime Crime quickly became a household name. The rest is history and Lime Crime continues to skyrocket to success.


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