Karl Heideck’s Educational Mission

The practice of law is a unique calling, in that many lawyers truly love the law and its practice. Karl Heideck is a attorney who has worked as a litigator in Philadelphia, and he is also a practicing compliance and risk management lawyer. All of this makes Karl Heideck uniquely qualified to write about the law and communicate its practice to new attorneys as well as to the public at large.

Karl Heideck, along with actively practicing the law, has spent many years writing about legal practices in order to further educate the public. It’s a practice he finds incredibly satisfying, and one that keeps him busy outside of his legal work.

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The Life of a Litigator

Karl Heideck recently published an essay on www.thereisnoconsensus.com about the fine points of working as a litigator. In the essay, he gives an overview of many of the responsibilities involved in acting as a litigator, from the initial research into a case, and on to the fine points of negotiation involved in reaching a civil settlement between two parties.

In his essay, Karl Heideck also points out that although some litigation attorneys may represent clients in criminal cases, the fact is that most cases involving litigation are civil. Most of these cases (90 percent) will not actually go to court, as both sides in these types of cases know that court cases can be unpredictable and seriously expensive. So, it’s the litigator’s job to do all the research needed to build up a solid cases for the client, so that a settlement can be agreed on by both sides. Though this process can be expensive, with high legal fees involved, it is still a much less costly process than going into court.

There’s no doubt that Karl Heideck is one litigator who loves the law and communicating its realities to others. He does a great service to the public and to young lawyers on the way up with his thoughtful writings on these topics.

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