Jeremy Goldstein New Compensation Standards Are Coming And Compromise Is Key

Nearly every company on the market today has to dedicate some time to creating compensation and incentive packages for their employees. This is a must to find the most professional and talented employees. Without adequate compensation, employees won’t stick around before moving along to another company that has better benefits. Increased incentives also go a long way in increasing productivity among employees. There are many different options that have been offered to employees in terms of benefits, though the most lucrative in terms of value for employees have typically been in the form of stock options. These incentives gave employees a share of the company that could potentially increase over time. Unfortunately, this means that the incentives go down if the share prices drop, which is where the problem comes in.


Jeremy Goldstein has been working with corporations to go over possible knockout options, which would render the old stock options obsolete. Jeremy Goldstein is a compensation expert with more than 20 years experience as a lawyer specialized in compensation law. He owns his own practice, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, located in New York and is one of the leading compensation law firms in the United States today. Jeremy believes the knockout option will be beneficial to both parties in various ways. Employees will see higher salaries annually, meaning more money each week. Businesses on the other hand, especially new businesses, will save money and time with these new incentive plans. Corporations will also be able to lay out their compensation in a clear manner, rather than something complicated like stocks, to their potential employees.


Jeremy Goldstein recommends that people read his articles on the knockout options and what they will allow companies to offer. There are many benefits to go along with both sides. At best, employees and companies are going to need to find the ground to compromise when it comes to compensation because things are changing for better or for worse. In the end, Jeremy understands compensation better than most and he has suggested this is a move int he right direction for longterm company growth and employee compensation. Learn more: