Jingdong Is Changing The Future Of Food

The largest retailer in China is teaming up with a giant in chemical manufacturing out of Japan to build the largest Chinese hydroponic “plant factory”. These 2 companies are Jingdong and Mitsubishi Chemical and they are combining the retail expertise of JD.com and cutting-edge technology to build the factory that is 11,040 square meters. The process starts with closed seedling production that uses artificial light and a solar light hydroponic culturing system. Some of the plants that it can produce include cabbage, multiple types of lettuce, and spinach. The variety of plants that are able to grow in the factory is expected to expand as time goes on.

This facility will provide Jingdong customers with a new option when it comes to purchasing fresh, high quality produce. This produce can be purchased through their supermarkets known as 7FRESH or their website. The food produced by this state of the art facilities is all produced in an environmentally conscious way and are nutritious and safe.

The crops that are produced at the new JD.com plant, they are tracked from seed to delivery. This type of produce production is a big step towards the future of how food is grown and sold. Consumers are wanting more transparency about where their food and products are coming from and they plan on providing just that. This is especially important in China there has been a huge emphasis on good safety in the last few years.

Factors like humidity, light, temperature, and fertilization levels are all regulated by the advanced management system in the factory. This means that the vegetables produced will be more standardized than with other techniques. It also makes it so that these vegetables will not have to go out of season for their customers as the growing conditions will be the same no matter what time of the year it is. While field growing usually gets around 4 batches a year, the facilities at Jingdong will be able to grow about 6. The spinach that is grown in the facility is healthier than field grown spinach with higher levels of folate, potassium, and more.

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OSI Industries builds on sustainability

OSI Industries is a company that is dedicated to giving all in order to achieve the kind of success that the company wants. Since 1909 when the journey of building this company was initiated, there has been a successive growth of the company. Not at any one time has the company failed to meet its goals. In fact, the growth has been surprisingly impressive since it even outdid the expectations of the owners. OSI has managed to grow into a globally recognized company due to the impact that the leadership has had. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, growth for OSI Industries has been phenomenal.

One of the reasons why OSI is doing very well in recent years has been the adoption of sustainability in its production procedures. The company has been taking risks by adopting new technology and using it as the driving force in the growth of the company in terms of its production methods. OSI aims to embrace sustainability when dealing with its production and the clients as well. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Industries, has ensured that sustainability in the co0mapny is backed up with research. The company has created two innovation centers for this purpose. There is a center in the United States and the other one in China. OSI has also created R&D Center in Chicago area.

The facilities that have been developed by OSI are aimed at developing new techniques that will reduce the negative impact of its production processes on the environment. The concentration has specifically been on far-flung operations. OSI attaining one key objective which is creating a reliable supply chain as well as providing consumer-friendly product since they are manufactured using the best production methods. The food production and distribution practice that OSI Industries is creating can be emulated to transform the whole food industry.

OSI in 2017 made a further step in ensuring that sustainability was at the core of the company’s operations when they created the position of chief sustainability officer. The position was given to Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. This position deals with the development of strategic sustainability strategies. Johnson-Hoffman was given the position because he had experience in development of sustainable operations when working as a vice president and CSO of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB). With such steps coming from OSI Industries, growth is expected to hit above the ceiling even further and continue building on its growth. To know more about the company click here.

Maintain a Great Diet with the OSI Food Group

Food is an essential part of everyone’s diet. While we eat our food everyday, do we ever think about what’s in our diet. Many people prefer an OSI Group Food duet because it helps us eat smart. There are many essential vitamins and antioxidants in OSI Group foods. Their team of professionals adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the federal food regulators. When other food group networks weren’t responding to a stabilized food network, OSI was there. They have been able to transcend when it comes to competitor food networks. Trust their team of professionals to match a diet that fits your appetite and your budget.

OSI Group International Business News

There was a need for an extended food industry group overseas and the popular OSI Food giants were able to quickly partner with the EU food industry. The negotiations consist of them operating their largest food facility. The Flagship Europe foods team is now a part of OSI. They didn’t stop there because they also looked at the Dutch, Baho Foods to network their organic vegetables. OSI has successfully increased their business portfolio with the help of their international business deals. China and the United States have been a part of their food corporation since 1996.

Meet The Executives At OSI

The popular OSI Food Group has plenty of processionals on their team that have contributed to their success, but the OSI corporate executives have played a huge part in their daily operstions. Plus, they led the initiative to create jobs overseas to help many impoverished areas. With the help of OSI Group Foods, thousands of families are eating and working to sustain their family. Their job iniative has created over 6,500 jobs around the world. Learn more about the OSI Group by visiting their website. To know more about the company click here.