How Bumble Is Changing Dating

A technology writer with the TechCrunch website visited the Bumble headquarters over in Austin and met with the incredible Whitney Wolfe to learn more about the Bumble app that Whitney created. She was intrigued by how Wolfe had started this as an app and made it more than just an app, but in fact, created a movement that would continue to evolve society in its own way. Bumble was created by Whitney Wolfe to help provide a safe haven for those looking to find friends, love, and dates in a place where misogyny wasn’t at the forefront.

If you didn’t know already, Bumble is an app that gives women the place to stand out differently than other apps because the app still works like most swiping related apps but utilizes a new strategy. When a match is made, women have the right to message first to initiate the conversation and men have to wait on them to send that message first. If a woman decides she wants to change her choice, she is more than able to do so and un match if she changes her mind.

The way app works is more than just being able to give women freedom, but it’s also helping shape the way society works for women and men. Women go through so much in the workforce trying to be treated as an equal. Even social media sites like LinkedIn make it nearly impossible as a woman to use because of the men who would hit on you.

Today, Bumble is thriving in the dating world being among the top of the dating list for those looking to date. Last summer in New York, Whitney Wolfe created a small space in SoHo that would help allow women to meet guys in a space that was safe and in public. It was the place to be for a Bumble meetup, and it was a great way to help share the world of Bumble through such an intriguing new way.

Bumble continues to make strides in technology. Having not gone a traditional route in terms of having engineers join the team at the beginning and outsourcing the work to people in London, alongside changing up the way dating works in this society. Whitney Wolfe is growing and continuously looking for ways to improve what they do, and the app will always do what they can to improve their process.

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Keeping a Look Out For Something New With Fabletics

Shopping for clothes can be very interesting. For one thing, different people with different styles are going to have varying levels of difficulty when they are shopping for clothes. For people with a more unique and rare style, they may find that they are stuck with one store. This store can be Fabletics for people that are looking for active wear with a more stylish twist to it. Fabletics has the majority of all of the unique items. As a matter of fact, the brand prides itself on offering something that other stores do not offer so that customers will have a reason to pick this store from all of the others.


One of the best things about Fabletics is that not only does it offer a lot of diversity when it comes to style, it also offers savings. People will also notice all of the lower prices from the items as well as the quality, comfort and durability they provide people during various points of their lives. Leisure and physical exercise are among the purposes for the clothing and accessories offered by Fabletics. Therefore, people can buy one item, or stock up on their favorite items so that they will have something in the case one of their favorite items gets lost or destroyed.


While some stores may try to offer something unique to customers, Fabletics is the one store that offers a lot of the rare and priceless styles for people who are feeling experimental. People can find ways to upgrade their wardrobe in ways that they can always be showstoppers. They will be admired and envied for their apparent sense of style. The best thing is that Fabletics will help them along the way as they find the styles they want.


The best thing about Fabletics is that they don’t just let customers look around for items they want, they shop with the customers and help them figure out what they want. They got clothes for more than just physical activity. They have clothes that are designed specifically for some of the different physical activities that people get involved in.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Positioned for Success

Amidst a highly competitive market, up against online retailer giants like Amazon and Target, Kate Hudson’s athletic clothing line, Fabletics, posted an impressive 46 % global growth rate for 2016. This growth points to the success of the Fabletics business strategy dubbed “reverse showrooming,” where a brand is launched online and established before traditional retail stores are opened. Fabletics found that introducing a product through a website, and building a solid customer base, drove clientele to visit retail shops once they were opened. In fact 30% to 50% of the clients who visited the retail establishments were already Fabletics customers. These days many traditional brick and mortar stores suffer from “showrooming,” where customers browse a store then buy good cheaper online, the relationship between Fabletics online and storefront business is seamless.


Along with online and storefront businesses, the Fabletics business model is also a subscription service. The company now has over one million subscribers. Go to the Fabletics site and they will have you take a short but useful “Lifestyle Quiz” to determine your athletic-wear preferences—including color choices, sizes, and level and type of sporting activity. They will then sort through the many available offerings for you so you won’t be forced to browse through 100s of photos of svelte long legged women in order to find the perfect outfit. Become a VIP member for around $50 a month and every month they will send you a complete 3 piece outfit based on your defined preferences. This is a pretty good deal for those who know a single pair of yoga pants can easily run $80 or $90.


I am one of those stereotypical suburban moms who lives in comfortable athletic-wear which allows me to transition from the gym to the store to picking up the kids. I also hate shopping. I have no time. I try buy things from my phone when I am waiting in my car in the school pick-up line but often feel like a deer in headlights. There are too many choices. I suppose this is why I am the natural client for Fabletics. I don’t have to make any decisions, and I get a new outfit every month. I would love to have a personal shopper to buy all my clothes, but at least Fabletics serves as my personal shopper for athletic-wear.


Of course, not everyone is going to want to spend $50 every single month automatically on an outfit. Fabletics does offer an option to opt out of your monthly purchase if you do it between the 1st and the 5th of every month. For some, understandably, this can be pesky. However, Fabletics needs to hang onto subscribers to keep costs down, so it is their best interest to keep people in the monthly purchase cycle. It is also possible that you may not like the outfit you receive. In this case Fabletics does make it relatively easy to return and exchange goods. Given the demand for inexpensive high-quality athletic-wear, it is probable the Fabletics model will continue to be successful.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics On Pace to Catch Amazon?

There are thousands of clothing companies who would love to be in the position that Amazon is today in the fashion e-commerce market. Looking at things from only a numbers perspective, Amazon has a choke-hold on the rest of the thousand sellers in this market, pulling in 20 percent of the total sales year to year. As impressive as this may be, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been closing in on the retail giant, making an impressive $250 million in sales of their women’s workout clothing in just about three years.


If you were to ask Hudson how her clothing company has been able to grow at such an impressive rate, her answer would certainly surprise you. The success of this athleisure brand appears to be directly related to membership perks and reverse showrooming. These are not any new breakthroughs in sales by any means, but the way they are combined has certainly gotten the attention of the buyers in this market. Look at what is happening inside the Fabletics stores at the mall, it is not like any shopping experience around. Women are buying clothing in record numbers, trying on every piece of workout apparel in the store, and taking a lifestyle quiz that will help enhance their membership.


Where Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is beginning to separate themselves in this fashion e-commerce market happens at the online store. Each time a customer tries on a piece of active-wear in the mall, that piece is uploaded to the Fabletics member’s account. Now when these shoppers have more time to sit down and shop, what they find is all those pieces are now waiting in the shopping cart for them to just pick up and continue shopping. Without having to be concerned about sizes, these shoppers surf the larger online inventory and add even more items to their cart.


The membership perks don’t end there, in fact, that was just the beginning of the many reasons women are spending in record numbers at this clothing retailer. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics loyal customers will receive discounts on all workout clothing, free shipping for any online purchase, and help from a personal shopper. Your personal shopper picks one piece a month based on those quiz answers, making the buying process even easier for customers. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is on the fast track to being able to close the gap and perhaps finally catch up to Amazon in this crowded niche.