Alex Pall Makes Hits From His Experiences

The Chainsmokers recently released their track “Closer” which they recorded with Halsey, star of the moment. They are well-known for their hits, Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” and are always working on the next big hg-hit. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the duo of The Chainsmokers sing from the heart and don’t try to make hits. They simply sing about what they know and what they feel and their fans can relate to the lyrics. That is perhaps why their music has caught on so quickly and with such as wide fan base. Teenagers love their music, and the parents of those same teenagers love their music as well.


The duo began their career together years ago when they met through an introduction made by their manager. They really hit it off, moved to Maine from New York, and the DJs have been inseparable ever since. They’re both passionate about DJing and love creating music. They knew that they would work well together and they both have a lot to share with the world through their music. They have spent many long days together collaborating and working on their identity through their music. They push themselves every day to work even harder an to give the fans what they want which is raw, and uncut lyrics that speak the truth.


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Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have a cool, and carefree persona that makes them very chill and modern. They aren’t stressing about making hits, but they are simply being real an being themselves. Their fans can see that and know that they are not being fake. That is what they can appreciate and relate to. Their music helps their listeners to get through their challenges and tough times as well as celebrate and feel good during the good times. They don’t really have a distinct genre, but it is a meld of many genres including pop music, hip-hop, and indie. They have a very unique sound, and they are catching on thanks to their listenability. They are unique and stand out from the crowd which gives them an advantage.