Doe Deere: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

It’s very hard to ignore the purple color of her hair. Also known as the “Queen of Unicorns” Doe Deere has been rocking the cosmetic world especially after the recent launch of her new product, Lime Crime. This is despite her humble background which most people are not aware of. Doe Deere’s success did not happen by chance as she spoke with us. The Founder and CEO of Lime Crime in an interview with us said that anyone has an opportunity to be what they want in life. She says that people should never limit themselves because of where they come from or who they are.


Can you briefly talk about your childhood and how you got started? Yes, of course, I was born and raised in Russia. I moved to the United States when I was 17 years, and I would agree that most of my formative years were spent in Russia. When I moved here, New York was my home before I moved to my current place in Los Angeles.


Have you always been an ambitious person? I think I am good at imaginations. I have always imagined that nothing is possible and that one day I would achieve my dreams. When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a musician something that I did when I first came to New York. I learned a lot of things in my music careers such as appreciating people, professional marketing and stuff like that. I love the fact that I ended up in makeup although I also love the entrepreneurial stuff. For instance, I first owned a small business of selling temporal tattoos when I was 13 years back in Russia.


I like that, for how long did you stay in New York City? I lived in New York for almost 14 years, which is from 1998 to 2012.


Where exactly did you live in New York? I first lived in Manhattan before I moved to Brooklyn and lived there for nine years. I did a lot of things while Brooklyn including being part of a band.


What can you tell young girls who have dreams as you had? The honest advice I can give to anyone out there is to follow their hearts. I believe everyone has something special inside them and if only they can discover that they can go far. Another thing is to be in synch with yourself . Never permit anyone to define who you are, you are the master of your destiny and you have the power to shape it according to your dreams. Learn more:


What does makeup mean to you?

Makeup gives me the freedom to be who I am, and I would encourage all my clients to feel the same way. They should have the confidence and freedom to express themselves without fear of victimization. You should also know that I come from a fashion background having gone to FIT in New York where I majored in Fashion design. Therefore for me fashion and makeup are inseparable.

Discover Your Unique Identity With Lime Crime

Being a successful entrepreneur means taking your passionate seriously every day taking risks, and expanding says, successful Lime Crime cosmetic founder, marketing professional, and technology expert Doe Deere. She was willing to discuss the key to success with Galore beauty magazine online. She also wants their readers to know her popular cosmetic brand would have never came to fruition without her design school. certification. Deere says, she has always supported a higher education. She received her design school certification from a popular school in New York City, and then the Lime Crime brand was born with very intricate colors. Learn more:


Her cosmetics are meant to empower her wearers, girls, and guys alike. Deere, has created colors that help her users create a new identity. Create a new look with Beer It, or Radical Metallic. Her cosmetics bring out your best features, and is perfect for sensitive skin. Enjoy rich colors that engulf your beautiful eyes, and lips with great eye-shadow, and lipstick shades. Deere, ensures her cosmetics are 100% hypoallergenic with all-natural ingredients that help fortify your skin. Each color is designed with the creativity of their wearers in mind. Choose from colors that are unique to your unique personal needs.


Deere, also enjoyed trying on her mother’s clothes, and makeup. However, she always had a need for bright colors, and knew early on she would have a voice with her cosmetics. She would use her cosmetics to teach others how to be successful, and why it is important. She was recently was given female entrepreneur of the year for her success in cosmetics. Her competitors have yet to match her creativity in colors. She has always looked at colors in an unconventional manner that has been unpopular with her peers, but must have among her young adults, and celebrities alike for it’s rich buttery formula. Learn more:


Choose from colors that will quickly become your go-to cosmetics, or a must have. Deere, has created a designer that is easy to find at the bottom of a cluttered purse. Each product is designed with the wearer in mind. Deere, has perfected a cosmetic brand that is easy to transition from a day to night look. You can find select Lime Crime products at participating Bloomingdale’s department stores, or learn more about ordering their products, and about their founder, Doe Deere from the exclusive LC website. You’re invited to transform your dull boring look with Lime Crime.