A Study Published on Oncotarget Show that E-cigarettes are also Harmful

The general perception that E-cigarettes are the safe option for those in the process of quitting smoking was recently challenged by a scientific report published on Oncotarget. The report was compiled by University of Rochester Medical Center after an extensive study on the topic. The study that was led by Prof. Irfan Rahman found out that electronic cigarettes are not different from conventional cigarettes regarding the harm they pose to oral health. This revelation came at a time when most potential smokers were beginning to warm up towards the electronic cigarettes. Previous scientific studies had given E-cigarettes a clean bill of health, arguing that their lack of smoke rendered them harmless. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

What the Researchers Said

According to Prof. Irfan Rahman, smoke chemicals are not the only contributors to oral diseases. He explained that smokeless fumes from electronic cigarettes are detrimental in that they cause unnecessary stress in cells. The Environmental Medicine expert further explained that continued intake of these fumes could lead to eventual gum damage. The flavoring chemical that comes with electronic cigarettes was found to be equally harmful since they destroy cells in the mouth. For purposes of oral health, smokers and nonsmokers ought to be wary of these cigarettes.

He said that more research would give scientists a deeper understanding of the whole e-cigarette dilemma. He challenged manufacturers of these cigarettes to come clean on exactly what ingredients they use in making them. This transparency, he said, will give users a clear picture of the dangers they could be getting themselves into. Dr. Fawad Javed, another key contributor to the study, on his part reiterated that the nicotine present in electronic cigarettes has the same effect as that in conventional cigarettes. Fawad is a member of the Department of General Dentistry at Eastman Institute for Oral Health. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a scientific journal that until recently was publishing oncology articles. Today, the journal publishes scientific material from diverse medical research. The journal is among the peer-reviewed journals by Impact Journals. For seven years now, the journal has been providing the general public with accurate, insightful, and verifiable medical data.