Why the flames of anti-Semitism are flaring up again around the world-Adam Milstein

The trend of radical Muslims trying to tear Israel has gained a lot of traction in the recent past. The aim of these groups is to destabilize the state of Israel, and these groups are pushing their agenda from every corner of the globe. The wave of hate, racism, and bigotry has made it very hard for any sensible benefits to be made in the process of getting a lasting peace solution to the never-ending war.


According to Adam Milstein, the problem with radical leftists is their warped view of the world. The leftists seem to view Israel as an oppressor of Islamic believers in general. This generalization does not put into consideration that there are moderate Muslims, who the Jews have no issues with, and then there are the radical Muslims. When Muslims are viewed as one Monolithic block, they come out as the oppressed party, but in reality, there is extremist who is mistreating women and other minority groups.


Adam Milstein goes ahead to explain that when people are tokenized in this manner, the Jews are viewed by the rest of the world as colonial oppressor whose main target is the Muslims. The trend has led to people who advocate for Israel’s agenda being castigated. For instance, when Zionists try to take part in events such as the SlutWalk, whose main aim is to raise awareness against sexual assault, they were expelled.


In the past, radical Islamists have also aligned themselves with the right wing, because it served their interests. A good example is a recent case where Bernie Sanders campaigned for the UK Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It is evident that the ideology to delegitimize Israel has entered the mainstream and is gaining momentum.


Adam Milstein is one of the most respected members of the Jewish community in the US. Adam Milstein has been named in the list of the 100 most influential Jews along with leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu. He runs his foundation in conjunction with his wife, the Adam, and Gila Milstein Foundation. The main aim of the foundation is to support pro-Israel advocacy in the US and around the world.



Roberto Santiago Shares His Success Story and the Values That Brought His Ideas to Life

Roberto Santiago is the CEO of Mainaira Shopping, which is known as the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. He was born in Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958. His education includes studies at the Pio X-Marist College and a degree in Business Administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. His idea for his hit shopping mall came to him in 1987, when he purchased a large, empty plot of land in his hometown. From there he carefully cultivated and developed the land until the Manaira Shopping Mall was born in 1987.

This mall features a staggering amount of attractions including a rooftop concert hall, a theater, gaming area, over 300 shopping stores, a food court, a gym, financial institutions and even a college. The mall’s rooftop concert area, Domus Hall, can be used for a variety of events and was opened in 2009; It can be used for concerts, graduation ceremonies, stand up comedy routines and on occasion, weddings. Roberto Santiago also owns another mall, the Mangabeira Shopping Center, that was launched in 2014.

Roberto Santiago doesn’t just have an amazing entrepreneurial spirit though, he is also a renowned kart and motocross competitor. He has earned first place in many state racing championships and was the first Brazilian to win the Brazilian kart championship. Roberto also enjoys motocross and has received titles in several competitions in Brazil. He holds a championship title in the 250cc category in the Northeast region and has won 250cc and 125cc races at the Paraibano Championship.

Both his business and sports personas seem to attract success, but it isn’t so simple, Roberto Santiago actually has a philosophy he follows to find success wherever he goes. According to him, the most important thing to do when starting a business has a vision, as he claims that is how he started his monumental shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. He also exclaims that positivity is key and that without it he would’ve never had the drive to continue the expansion of the Manaira Shopping Mall or open the Mangabeira Shopping Center. Versatility is another value he utilizes, as he wanted to make Manaira into something that wasn’t just a shopping mall, but also a one-stop shop for entertainment or anything else that a person would need. After all, the Manaira Shopping Mall does offer a college, a gym and a giant concert hall, so it truly does have almost everything that the residents of Joao Pessoa need. Lastly, he talks about how love for his community brought the shopping mall to life. Today, Joao Pessoa is a bustling community that attracts individuals and companies from around the world, with much of that attraction being from Roberto Santiago and his giant shopping malls.


Anthony Petrello Leads Growth At Nabors Industries

One of the brilliant CEO in the United States currently is Tony Petrello. The CEO of oil and natural gas drilling giant is one of the people making a huge transformation in their companies.

In 2015, he was ranked as one of the best paid in the country following the good results recorded by the company in that financial year. Petrello has managed to make Texas-based Nabors Industries the biggest oil company in the country. The company has even expanded its operations to other parts of the world. Currently, the company is running various drilling operations in 25 countries. The company has been a steady line of growth since he joined the company in 1991 and the growth is even more rapid now that he is the CEO.

The journey for Tony Petrello becoming the CEO of Nabors Industries started in even before he joined Nabors Industries, it is while working as a lawyer in the1980s when he worked with the oil company for the first time. Then, he was assisting them with law-related issues in running their business operations. Nabors Industries would later decide to hire him as their Chief Operating Officer in 1991. They spotted talent in him, especially in problem-solving. Such a talent is what every company needs. Business is mostly all about problems solving coupled with other business related abilities.

After joining Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello would make efforts to improve the company by rectifying areas where he thought the company was not doing well. A few years after taking over, impressive results were coming out of the company. Nabors was now ranking up higher in the industry as it started to record good gains. One of the steps taken by Tony Petrello then was to streamline the operations of the company. He fully understood the importance of streamlining the business operations such that every person would be working on a common goal. By ensuring that workers are well remunerated and are trained about what the company requires from them is one way of establishing a foundation of success in a workplace.

Tony Petrello has built a solid relationship with his employees who now proud of the efforts he is making in the company. He makes them feel like part of the company, not just as employees but stakeholders in the oil and natural gas drilling industry. Nabors has employed hundreds of workers in the United States and even in other countries where they have drilling operations going on.


Wes Eden’s is co-founder and chairman of Fortress Investment Group. He is a renowned businessman based in America, investor in private equity and owns a sports team. He co-owns Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise operating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well as the Fly Quest team League of Legends. He got his Business Administration and Finance B.S. from the State University of Oregon in 1984.Wes Eden’s started his career at Lehman Brothers in 1987 as a managing director and partner until 1993. He then moved to BlackRock Asset Investors in the division of private equity and held the positions of a managing director and partner until 1997.  He partners at Fortress Investment Group with Robert Kauffman, Michael Edward, Peter Briger and Randal Nardone, all of whom are its founders.

Sometime in 2007, Wes Eden’s’ investment style was featured in The Wall Street Journal. It was described as one that is based on creative financing, contrarian bets and a flair for developing stable businesses from investments. He and his partners took the firm public through the first public offering, where it was bought marking it as the first firm to be bought after being traded publicly. By 2009, Fortress had acquired $600 million having sold an 8% share to the public. Prior to the sold out, the assets of Fortress under management were private equity along with investment vehicles that were alternatively traded publicly. These included four funds that were hedge, two vehicles of real estate and fourteen funds of private equity then it went public.

Wes Eden’s and his partners first became billionaires when Nomura Holdings, a holding company of finance from Japan acquired 15% share of Fortress at $888 million in 2006. He became co-chairman of Fortress’ Directors Board in 2009. He is also chairman of Infrastructure and Transport at Fortress. He is a big lead behind the current fortress creation of the eSports team fly Quest which already has a competing team in the Champion Series of the League of Legends in North America. He also catalyzed the acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services by Fortress. He chairs Nationstar Mortgage, a mortgage lender of home equity that is subprime, which was bought by Fortress in 2006 at $575 million.He and Marc Lasry co-own Milwaukee Bucks, a team that they bought from Herb Kohl at $550 million. They promised to make the team stay in Wisconsin and construct a modern Arena different from the already existing one. He has a great interest in mountain climbing and horse riding.

Randal Nardone is a Revered Business Leader and Role Model

Randal Nardone is the interim chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group. He was appointed when Dan Mudd stepped down for reasons best known to the management. Besides that, he has been a co-principal of the firm since its inception in 1998.Nardone has additionally been serving as the co-founder and co-principal of Fortress Investment Group. He resides in the New York City and was ranked the 557th wealthiest billionaire with a net worth of $1.8 billion. In his capacity as a senior executive at Fortress Investment Group, he has facilitated global investment by overseeing the management of more than $43.6 billion in assets. Moreover, this company has over 1740 private as well as institutional investors of which, Nardone manages in different capacities as well.

It is projected that by 2017, the company had more than 953 workers spread over the affiliates. Randal Nardone has a rather interesting story. After graduating high school, he joined the University of Connecticut for two bachelor’s degrees; Biology and English. Later in his studies, he joined the Boston University for Law and majored in shaping his J.D. Furthermore, he started off his career at Thatcher Proffitt & Wood where he practiced law. Seeing that he needed to develop his career further, Randal Nardone became a partner in this law firm. He even joined the board committee and was a huge contributor to decision making. He then joined the Swiss Banking Industry at UBS as the managing director before heading to Blackrock Financial Management as a principal executive.

Fortress Investment Group has been a privately owned company until 2007 when the co-principals, led by Randal Nardone, held a public offering. Seven years after the public offer, Randal was named the Hedge Fund Manager of 2014. A few weeks after earning the title, his company was named the years’ management firm by HFMWeek.Over and above, Randal Nardone has been an instrumental leader in different firms. Over the years, he worked for New Residential Investment Corp. But that was not enough. He extended his expertise to Eurocastle Investment Limited; a firm that focuses on European Union’s investments. In the past, Randal Nardone served in different companies including SeaCube Container Leasing and Springleaf Holdings. Conclusively, Randal Nardone has co-founded other companies including FIG LLC, Fortress Marco Advisors, FM Falstaff Advisors and Fortress Credit Corporation. He also sits in a number of many board meetings that have succeeded because of his expertise in finance.