Edwin Mirinda Thinks that 5 Things Could Help Improve Advertising in 2019

n 2018, new technology continued to flood the homes and offices of regular people. A lot of it had to do with the Internet and some of it had to do with new hardware that could possibly make your life better. Edwin Mirinda, an expert in advertising and technology, expects these things to happen with advertising.

As an advertiser, Edwin Mirinda thinks you are going to have to show the value of your product and you are going to have to do it quickly. Consumers are being bombarded with ads offline and online. They can only catch your product in a micro-moment. Advertisers must focus on creating content that is highly creative and personal. If they don’t, a consumer might miss it in the ad bombardment that they face every day. Standing out is the key in this current advertising environment.

What should an advertiser do in this ad environment? One thing that Edwin Mirinda thinks an advertiser should do is to use DMPs and DSPs to make purchases more automated and to spend money better. In 2019, it is predicted that Two-thirds of the Earth’s digital display will be purchased by programmatic advertising. If an advertiser does not do programmatic advertising, their advertisements will be less effective than their opposition.

Another thing that Edwin Mirinda thinks could help an advertiser is having an unique voice. They trust people more than a brand. To get a unique voice, they use a well-known, influential individual to advertise a brand or an item. This is known as influencer marketing.

Another tool that advertisers could is Artificial Intelligence (AI). They can mainly use them as chatbots. Many websites use chatbots as customer service representatives. In five years, experts think 80 percent of companies will use chatbots to improve their customer communications. People actually chatbots more than people. They have no problem answering customer questions, don’t rest, and never get angry or defensive. Companies can save money by using them and they can have their employees take on different duties.

Smart speakers are also the way to go. A survey says that 65% of customers that own a smart speaker believe that their life was not the same after using a smart speaker.

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