Ted Bauman: PayPal and What to do When Markets Crash

Ted Bauman was born in Washington. While still in his youth, Ted Bauman left the US and went to study for his degree in Cape Town, South Africa. He managed to graduate with postgraduates in Economics and History and after this major fete, Ted Bauman decided not to leave South Africa. Instead, he found a job and worked as a fund manager in South Africa’s lower cost housing areas. Ted Bauman moved back to the US in 2008 where he was appointed the Director for International Housing at an organization based in Atlanta where he worked for 5 years before deciding on becoming a researcher and writer on the full-time basis.

In recent years, there has been a shift from all cash transactions to the cashless transaction through PayPal which has become a very global online payment system. With the rise of global connections and having a business based outside the US, there has arisen the need to come up with a swift and fast way to send and receive money from overseas without initially going to the bank.

According to Ted, PayPal is a very worthy stock investment because on the New York Stock Exchange, it has become one of the leading online transaction companies and it connects over 200 million users globally. The business model is fashioned in such a way that it provides anonymity to both buyers and sellers.

In another case of study with Ted Bauman, he believes that one of the outcomes of a crashed stock market is having the ratio of the stocks revert back to the average. This is because, in the first place, he believes that a lot of the stocks within the US stock market are highly overvalued and he suggests that investors utilize a price to earnings ratio in their decisions.

PayPal is a very strong company and not just because it has a high number of investors but also owing to the fact that Venmo, another very popular app in the US is a subsidiary company to PayPal. Yes, they own Venmo, bet you didn’t know that huh?

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