Neurocore Brain Performance Centers & the Application of Neurofeedback

The most widely accepted treatment for depression in current times includes either anti-depressant medication, psychotherapy or a combination of the two; however, for nearly a full decade the use of Electroencephalogram (EEG) machines for diagnostics and treating the condition with Neurotherapy has been gaining popularity. An evaluation of the spectrum of depression would rank clinical depression as the most severe form. As early as 1936 scientist Frederick Lemere linked a series of EEG results to depression. In comparing the EEG results of psychiatric patients to healthy individuals, Lemere cited the difference in alpha waves and now these variances are being utilized in real time to assist in the in-depth analysis of and treatment of depression. See more information about Neurocore at

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers were founded in 2004. Created to specialize in providing brain-based, data-driven assessments and preparation systems for individuals of all ages from pediatric to geriatric, the Neurocore Centers employ EEG, qEEG, and neurofeedback to increase mental acuity and the ability to manage stress, plus improve the management of sleep disorders.

Scientists and clinicians at Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are using neurofeedback to analyze moment to moment results. These results are then processed to allow neurofeedback to be used to create a plan for medication-free treatment of depression. Careful training and mindfulness or meditation can be combined to assist patients in overcoming the most severe depression symptoms, and sometimes even in symptomatically overcoming the condition itself. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Specifically, Neurocore uses a brain mapping system based on a comprehensive assessment known as the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) DSM-Oriented Depressive Problems Scale. This information is combined with selected other diagnostic measures to create a full picture of the patient’s depression systems.

Based on a study of nearly 300 patients who completed a 30-session program utilizing the Neurocore system it is a highly effective strategy for the treatment of depression. The results cite 84% of patients reported a noticeable reduction in depressive symptoms and 51% of patients ceased to meet qualification thresholds for depression following completion of the Neurocore program. In consideration of the fact that there is absolutely no medicinal intervention being used in conjunction with this Neurocore system these numbers are incredibly promising for the technologically advanced diagnosis yet natural treatment of a condition from which so many individuals suffer.


Ted Bauman: PayPal and What to do When Markets Crash

Ted Bauman was born in Washington. While still in his youth, Ted Bauman left the US and went to study for his degree in Cape Town, South Africa. He managed to graduate with postgraduates in Economics and History and after this major fete, Ted Bauman decided not to leave South Africa. Instead, he found a job and worked as a fund manager in South Africa’s lower cost housing areas. Ted Bauman moved back to the US in 2008 where he was appointed the Director for International Housing at an organization based in Atlanta where he worked for 5 years before deciding on becoming a researcher and writer on the full-time basis.

In recent years, there has been a shift from all cash transactions to the cashless transaction through PayPal which has become a very global online payment system. With the rise of global connections and having a business based outside the US, there has arisen the need to come up with a swift and fast way to send and receive money from overseas without initially going to the bank.

According to Ted, PayPal is a very worthy stock investment because on the New York Stock Exchange, it has become one of the leading online transaction companies and it connects over 200 million users globally. The business model is fashioned in such a way that it provides anonymity to both buyers and sellers.

In another case of study with Ted Bauman, he believes that one of the outcomes of a crashed stock market is having the ratio of the stocks revert back to the average. This is because, in the first place, he believes that a lot of the stocks within the US stock market are highly overvalued and he suggests that investors utilize a price to earnings ratio in their decisions.

PayPal is a very strong company and not just because it has a high number of investors but also owing to the fact that Venmo, another very popular app in the US is a subsidiary company to PayPal. Yes, they own Venmo, bet you didn’t know that huh?

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Jingdong Is Changing The Future Of Food

The largest retailer in China is teaming up with a giant in chemical manufacturing out of Japan to build the largest Chinese hydroponic “plant factory”. These 2 companies are Jingdong and Mitsubishi Chemical and they are combining the retail expertise of and cutting-edge technology to build the factory that is 11,040 square meters. The process starts with closed seedling production that uses artificial light and a solar light hydroponic culturing system. Some of the plants that it can produce include cabbage, multiple types of lettuce, and spinach. The variety of plants that are able to grow in the factory is expected to expand as time goes on.

This facility will provide Jingdong customers with a new option when it comes to purchasing fresh, high quality produce. This produce can be purchased through their supermarkets known as 7FRESH or their website. The food produced by this state of the art facilities is all produced in an environmentally conscious way and are nutritious and safe.

The crops that are produced at the new plant, they are tracked from seed to delivery. This type of produce production is a big step towards the future of how food is grown and sold. Consumers are wanting more transparency about where their food and products are coming from and they plan on providing just that. This is especially important in China there has been a huge emphasis on good safety in the last few years.

Factors like humidity, light, temperature, and fertilization levels are all regulated by the advanced management system in the factory. This means that the vegetables produced will be more standardized than with other techniques. It also makes it so that these vegetables will not have to go out of season for their customers as the growing conditions will be the same no matter what time of the year it is. While field growing usually gets around 4 batches a year, the facilities at Jingdong will be able to grow about 6. The spinach that is grown in the facility is healthier than field grown spinach with higher levels of folate, potassium, and more.

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All About American Idon’s Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is known as one of the faces of American Idol for years. He can also be heard in several radio programs like the “American Top 40” and “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“. He also started co-hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan” on WABC-TV. He is known for appearing on TV, local radio shows, and behind the camera being a producer. But who is Ryan Seacrest behind the light of the entertainment industry?

Who is Ryan Seacrest behind the camera? He has diverse entrepreneurial ventures that are still related to media and entertainment. One of his ventures is the clothing line called “Distinction”, which delivers premium fabric menswear that emphasizes classic and iconic style. This venture was founded in 2014 and has been one of the leading menswear lifestyle brands since then. Distinction offers tailored accessories, clothing, sweaters, pants, outerwear, and more. The collection is available in all Macy’s stores nationwide. Seacrest is also expected to launch a skincare catered for men in partnership with dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. The name of the skin care business is expected to be “Polished by Dr. Lancer” and is expected to come this summer.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is also one of Seacrest’s media-related ventures. The foundation is dedicated in building media centers which are named “Seacrest Studios”. The studios are designed to help in the healing process for children in pediatric hospitals. The studio features interviews, live performances by artists and celebrities, talk shows, sports, and educational segments. He is also an investor on media, youth-focused, and entertainment-related companies like the Civic Entertainment Group, Pinterest, and DigiTour Media.

He can be heard during the weekdays on his show On Air with Ryan Seacrest” which is aired every weekday morning on 102.7 KIIS-FM. Every New Year’s eve, Seacrest can be seen in ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” As a producer, he launched the Ryan Seacrest Productions in 2006 and has been producing some of the most popular TV shows ever since. Some of the TV shows produced by RSP are “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, “E! Live from the Red Carpet”, “Shahs of Sunset”, and “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”