Marc Beer’s Successful Career

Marc Beer is a successful businessman and a leader who has had an eventful and successful career. He is a veteran executive who has had more than twenty-five years’ experience in development and commercialization experience in various fields including biotechnology, pharmaceutical device and also in the diagnostic sector. After graduating from Miami University in the year 1987, he has had an opportunity of working in various companies. Marc started his career at Abbott where he served as the director of sales training and development. Due to his hard work and determination, he soon shifted the Biostar, Inc. where he played the role of vice president as well as the sales and marketing corporate officer. Learn more:


Marc Beer’s undisputed passion and enthusiasm in his career have given the opportunity of working for many companies. The most interesting thing about Marc’s career is the fact that he has always served in big positions for all the companies he has ever worked for. Under his leadership, Marc has always been able to bring a lot of positive results to his employers. That is why Marc Beer is currently known for giving important advice that is related to leadership. Some of the companies that Marc Beer has worked in include Genzyme where he served as the vice president for global marketing, the chief executive officer for ViaCell, the chairman for Good Start Genetics and Minerva Neuroscience, and Renovia Inc. where he is the current chairman and chief executive officer for the company.


Marc Beer at Renovia


Marc Beer teamed up with other partners in the year 2016 to form Renovia Inc. The company was started in order to assist in developing and commercializing products for better first line diagnosis and treatment. This will play a great role in improving some specific conditions for millions of women who have pelvic floor disorders. With the leadership of Marc Beer, the company’s chief executive officer, Renovia has grown at alarming speed to the point of having more than three hundred employees who are competent and always determined to offer their best services to the company’s clients.


In one of his interviews, Marc Beer pointed out that he got the idea of Renovia Company from an old gynecologist who had 35 years’ experience in pelvic floor surgery. The gynecologist who had dedicated his last decade to finding ways in which women could avoid pelvic operation told him about the idea of opening a company that would work on innovating materials that could help women avoid an operation. Marc Beer also stated that he was able to bring his ideas into life by channeling them into the right field where they could find all the necessary resources for turning them into a reality.


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