The RealReal Updating the Target Audience with Its Instagram Marketing

One of the companies that have made significant progress in the world of fashion retail and sales is RealReal, which provides customers with the chance to buy second-hand fashion products in good condition at a competitive price. In the world of social media marketing, it is necessary for the companies to have a robust online presence. The RealReal has also made considerable progress in the world of social media and has engaged its target audience through the various social media channels. One of these social media marketing channels that the RealReal uses is Instagram, which is a hugely popular social media platform where the images can be shared with the target audience.

The RealReal shares images of some of the latest products in its inventory on Instagram from time to time. It helps the potential and existing customers of the company to stay in the loop about what the company is offering. Updating the customers is essential in today’s world as it helps in conversion as well as keeping the customers engaged. There are many companies out there who are trying to use the social media platforms to engage the customers, and the RealReal continues to be on top of its game when it comes to social media marketing.

Instagram is particularly popular among the young adults and teenagers who are much updated about the latest fashion. Using Instagram as a social media platform for advertisement and branding has worked wonders for the RealReal. It has also helped the company the ability to demonstrate its collection and highly trendy inventory. With time, the company has been able to impress its target audience and has been able to strengthen its position in the field of direct fashion. The branding of the company has enhanced drastically with the help of its Instagram marketing, which continues to be one of its strong points.

Maintain a Great Diet with the OSI Food Group

Food is an essential part of everyone’s diet. While we eat our food everyday, do we ever think about what’s in our diet. Many people prefer an OSI Group Food duet because it helps us eat smart. There are many essential vitamins and antioxidants in OSI Group foods. Their team of professionals adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the federal food regulators. When other food group networks weren’t responding to a stabilized food network, OSI was there. They have been able to transcend when it comes to competitor food networks. Trust their team of professionals to match a diet that fits your appetite and your budget.

OSI Group International Business News

There was a need for an extended food industry group overseas and the popular OSI Food giants were able to quickly partner with the EU food industry. The negotiations consist of them operating their largest food facility. The Flagship Europe foods team is now a part of OSI. They didn’t stop there because they also looked at the Dutch, Baho Foods to network their organic vegetables. OSI has successfully increased their business portfolio with the help of their international business deals. China and the United States have been a part of their food corporation since 1996.

Meet The Executives At OSI

The popular OSI Food Group has plenty of processionals on their team that have contributed to their success, but the OSI corporate executives have played a huge part in their daily operstions. Plus, they led the initiative to create jobs overseas to help many impoverished areas. With the help of OSI Group Foods, thousands of families are eating and working to sustain their family. Their job iniative has created over 6,500 jobs around the world. Learn more about the OSI Group by visiting their website. To know more about the company click here.

How OSI Group Managed to Venture into International Expansion

After you have come up with a loyal national customer base, going global could be the next big step to maintain the growth of your company. In fact, globalization is an outstanding move that most companies should venture in. But, not every small business is up to this challenge because there are plenty of factors to consider before you decide to sell your products to a foreign country. For example, do you have a prospective customer base abroad? A fast selling product in your country may not register the same sales in a different state. But for OSI Group, globalization has been profitable for the business.

Who is OSI Group?

OSI Group is a food service provider that was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. He had just moved to the United States of America and settled in Chicago when he established the firm. At that moment, the city was the hub of entrepreneurial ventures. Over the years, OSI adapted various technological ventures thereby becoming the most trusted meat provider not only in Chicago but also America. Today, OSI is the leading food provider in the world. Many clients attest to its capability to offer quality brands. That is why its competitors refer to it as the premier international food provider.

Company Profile

Being a premier food provider, OSI Group has been partnering with some of the world’s leading retail brands to offer viable solutions that impress clients across the globe. Coupled with the financial resources it has, the company provides its consumers with broad capabilities to develop and supply custom food solutions. Moreover, OSI Group has been making big moves towards acquisitions. Recently, it expanded its operations in Toledo, Spain. OSI Food Solutions has doubled its chicken production capacity to 24,000 tons. The initial amount was 12,000 tons.

Other Expansion Projects

OSI has employed more than 15,000 people across the world. It has 65 manufacturing facilities situated in 17 countries. The company has also managed to acquire different facilities including Baho Food and Tyson Foods. These acquisitions have helped it grow its supply base.

The Growth of Rocketship Education

Having its headquarters in Redwood City, California, Rocket Education has come a long way. Founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006, Rocketship Education is bridging the academic performance gap between students from poor backgrounds and the others from privileged backgrounds. The Rocketship group of schools experienced some management restructuring whereby Preston Smith took over the CEO position in 2013 while John Danner ventured into other innovations.

Technology is at the core of Rocketship group of schools and the force behind the unusual education model that the school has adopted. With the use of computers for teach, the teachers are free to focus on creativity with the students. Computers illustrate simple mathematical operations like addition and subtraction and teachers only come in to help the students that might be struggling with the same. The foundation gives five internal tests to the students to make sure that they are on track with their class work and the same level as students from other schools. John Danner is still on a mission to necessitate better learning terms and models for the students. The use of technology ensures that the teachers receive good compensation packages and the support staff is well taken care of regarding their salaries.

Striving to establish the group of schools in more than 50 cities by 2020, the co-founder, John Danner is working on improving the living standards of the students that come from low-income homes. The state of poverty for the students is high at 92%, and that’s why they get lunch for free or at a reduced fee. Charter schools, like traditional public schools, should admit or accept students from all walks of life, but competitiveness and limited chances might lock out some students out of the learning programs. Students apply to get a seat, and in the case that the demand doesn’t match the supply, a student can enter into a lottery to secure a position in the school. Rocketship education runs effectively with the contributions that are supplied by the government, therefore, embracing the cost-effectiveness spirit to focus on what is important, the students and their culture.

Here’s why giving up has never been part of Vijay Eswaran’s vocabulary

From a mere construction worker, plucking grapes in a farm far away home to being an Executive Chairman with a net worth of over US $500 Million Vijay Eswaran is a perfect definition of humble beginnings. His is a story of a man whose life turned from grace to grass. Born in 1960 October 7th to be precise, Vijay’s elevation to success has become the talk of town in almost every household in Asia. If you’ve travelled across the Red Sea, chances are Vijay has had a hand in facilitating your movements in and across.

Brief overview of his personal journey to success

Vijay Eswaran was born to Pushpavathy Chinanaiah and Vija Yaratnam in October 7th 1960.He spent his tender years in the outskirts of Penang, Malaysia and is currently engaged to a beautiful woman known as Umayan Eswaran.

Vijay’s excellence may in one way or the other be attributed to his lucrative academic background. He boasts a socio-economic degree from the esteemed London School of Economics. Ever since he was young, Vijay was a man hungry for success and this he pursued by being dedicated to his studies. He furthered his education at the reputable Chartered Institute of Management Accounts and emerged with exemplary knowledge and skills in Binary System Marketing.

However he isn’t a man to settle for less and two years later he again hit the books by pursuing an MD in business administration at South Illinois University.

Career growth

Owing to his rich academic background, Vijay was equipped with top shelf skills in economics. He however ventured into a completely different world of Human Interface (HMI) hardware and software developer synaptic where he worked on part time. His knowledge called for a bigger role and this led to his incorporation as a systems engineer at International Business Machines Corporation based in North America.

He later returned to Asia where he put his prowess in numbers and economic matters into action by establishing a multi-Level Marketing company in commerce known as Quest Net Gold Quest which majored in corporate investments. Due to the skyrocketing demand for telecommunication and media services, he expanded his business scope to more than 10 countries across Asia. Ever since then he has never looked back and his has been a journey of milestone after milestone.

Giving back

Even though he is one of the high profile individuals in the society today, deep inside Vijay is still the down to earth man he was three decades ago. He appreciates the power of humble beginnings and gives back to the society through the Vijarayatnam Foundation ran by his wife. He also understands that knowledge is power which is why he shares what he knows through writing. Today Vijay has authored bestselling books such as Sphere os silence, In the thinking zone, Stepping stones, On the wing of thoughts and several others. Through these, he shares his prowess with anyone seeking success.

How Freedom Checks Got So Popular

Since Freedom Checks are growing in popularity, more people are learning about them and about the options they have while they’re using the checks. More people see the way they work and others are realizing their friends and family have already cashed in on the trend. With Freedom Checks, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of all the check options and that helps many people with the issues they had with finances in the past. The checks are truly a freeing way to invest. They allow you to gain financial freedom you might not have had from the beginning of your investment career. When you choose to use these checks to help yourself make more money, you’ll be able to do things the right way. It can help you save money and can also help you set up all the options you can get from financial freedom.

When Freedom Checks first became popular, not many people knew about them. In fact, they were somewhat of a well-kept secret in investment community. Since more people began learning about them and learning how to use them to make things better, they realized they could do better than they did in the past. The checks increased in popularity and everyone began seeing them as a way to actually make more money. They made a point of trying different things and doing more to make money from the checks. It was their way of creating positive environment they could use to continue investments.

The Freedom Checks became even more popular due to the way they provide returns. The returns happen quickly and people don’t have to worry about going to different lengths to get their money. They simply get a check for the return amount they’re getting on their investment. The checks don’t provide any type of guarantee, but they are normally worth much more than other investment opportunities people can take advantage of. The checks allow people to try things that are different and that give them the financial freedom they only dreamed about in the past with their money.

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Dr. Saad Saad Catapults the Pediatric Medical Sector with his Innovation.

One of the main factors that have led to the massive development of the medical sector globally is the introduction and adoption of modern technology in the field. However, the adoption of the technology and the constant innovations have not been achieved from a comfort zone. It has been due to the necessity that the inventions in the medical sector have been witnessed. The medical practitioners have been experiencing a myriad of challenges as they executed their duty of treating their patients. These challenges could only be attributed to the poor quality of the ancient methods of performing the procedures and also the slow adoption of technology in the industry.


One of the main challenges that these physicians have been facing is the poor quality of the endoscopes that they have been using. Endoscopes are gadgets that the pediatric doctors use to trace external objects that could have been inserted into the children’s bodies through swallowing or any other means. The devices are inserted through the body openings through which the objects could have passed, for instance, the mouth, the trachea, esophagus or the colon. The main challenge that is associated with this procedure is the presence of fluids inside the patients’ bodies. These fluids form fog on the lens of the endoscope hence obstructing the medical practitioners from having a clear view of the objects.


To curb this nightmare experienced by the pediatric doctors, Dr. Saad Saad has invented an endoscope that overcomes the formation of the fog on the lens, and hence the pediatricians do not have to keep halting the process while ongoing so that they can obtain a clear view of these objects. The invention by Saad Saad has helped a lot in the process, only that the new endoscopes have not been adopted by many medical facilities. This is because the manufacturing of the gadgets is quite involving and expensive and so the manufacturers have been reluctant in the adoption of the invention. However, Saad Saad, in the many operations that he has done has been able to experiment and use the machines successfully.


Another challenge that the medical practitioners had been facing as a result of the insufficient adoption of technology was the detection of catheters in human bodies. The devices that are designed to perform a couple of functions by the surgeons during the operations need to be placed inside the bodies of the patients and later their locations identified for further treatment. This has been a daunting task for the doctors since it’s quite difficult to locate the catheters. X-rays have been on the use to do this, but they have proved to be hazardous to the patient’s health. Dr. Saad Saad has invented electromagnetic catheters that are less harmful to the patients’ health and also easy to identify using electromagnetic energy. Learn more:

Matt Badiali Tells the Truth About Freedom Checks

Recently, when articles were being published about freedom checks. Raising a fair amount of curiousity, these checks also raised a lot of questions from skeptical investors. The check closely resembles government checks, and it’s no surprise that many have written this off as a scam. Matt Badiali can tell you otherwise. You may think it’s a get rich quick scheme, but it is anything but. Ads that have been run around the content discussing these checks, and investors that are anxious to get their hands on them have been scouring the internet to learn more.

Matt Badiali has come forward to tell the truth about these checks and all they represent. Much of the hoopla surrounding these checks is due in part to the fact that they are misunderstood. There are tons of spammy offers online, ao it’s no surprise that many have asked questions about what freedom checks are, and where they actually come from. As we now know, these checks are paid out from what are known as MLP’s. These MLP’s are Master Limited Partnerships. These partnerships get their name from the fact that they have a master owner or investor, but those who choose to buy stocks in the company are the true investors. Buying stock in these companies helps them to have capital on hand when otherwise they would have none. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed!

This is how freedom checks get their name. They are paid out to those who invest in these MLP’s, and investors are earning money for something they didn’t have to do. Freedom eh? Matt Badiali has experience in finance, but his work is in geology. It is his training that has allowed him to learn more about these companies that work with natural resources and file taxes in a specific manner. When these companies are profitable, they pay out dividends to those who have invested in their company. Freedom checks aptly get their name for what they are, and Matt Badiali has made it easier for you by doing a lot of the work for you already.

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Alex Pall Makes Hits From His Experiences

The Chainsmokers recently released their track “Closer” which they recorded with Halsey, star of the moment. They are well-known for their hits, Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” and are always working on the next big hg-hit. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the duo of The Chainsmokers sing from the heart and don’t try to make hits. They simply sing about what they know and what they feel and their fans can relate to the lyrics. That is perhaps why their music has caught on so quickly and with such as wide fan base. Teenagers love their music, and the parents of those same teenagers love their music as well.


The duo began their career together years ago when they met through an introduction made by their manager. They really hit it off, moved to Maine from New York, and the DJs have been inseparable ever since. They’re both passionate about DJing and love creating music. They knew that they would work well together and they both have a lot to share with the world through their music. They have spent many long days together collaborating and working on their identity through their music. They push themselves every day to work even harder an to give the fans what they want which is raw, and uncut lyrics that speak the truth.


The real puppy filter @mooshuthegoldendumpling

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Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have a cool, and carefree persona that makes them very chill and modern. They aren’t stressing about making hits, but they are simply being real an being themselves. Their fans can see that and know that they are not being fake. That is what they can appreciate and relate to. Their music helps their listeners to get through their challenges and tough times as well as celebrate and feel good during the good times. They don’t really have a distinct genre, but it is a meld of many genres including pop music, hip-hop, and indie. They have a very unique sound, and they are catching on thanks to their listenability. They are unique and stand out from the crowd which gives them an advantage.