Jeunesse Global Antioxidants Product Review

Jeunesse Global offers a variety of products designed to stop the signs of aging in their tracks. For consumers who have been seeking out ways to look younger and feel more energetic, Jeunesse Global offers an assortment of items designed to minimize aging symptoms and create younger looking skin for consumers.


Instantly Ageless is one of the most popular products offered by Jeunesse Global. This cream is designed to reduce visible wrinkles almost instantly. Additionally, this product can help minimize the signs of bags underneath the eyes of users.


Reserve is another popular product. This supplement is designed to be ingested and works as a way to help fight off germs and other problems. It’s full of antioxidants, which means it’s designed to offer protection and care for a user’s entire body.


Jeunesse Global products come in a wide range of designs and functions, but all have one basic goal: making the user feel better than ever. For consumers who are looking for ways to reduce their visible aging, Jeunesse Global products could be the perfect solution.


Jeunesse Global launched in 2009 on September 9th at 9:00pm. The number “9” is often seen as a representation of rejuvenation and new life, which makes it a great way to commemorate the launch of this organization. The founders actually came out of retirement in order to launch it because they believed in finding ways to help the people around them look and feel their best.


The products offered come in various sizes, styles, and prices, but all work together to reduce aging. For users who need lotion to help their skin feel smoother and more even or adults who are looking for ways to reduce facial wrinkles, these products can be an incredible option for moving forward and enjoying life.

Why the flames of anti-Semitism are flaring up again around the world-Adam Milstein

The trend of radical Muslims trying to tear Israel has gained a lot of traction in the recent past. The aim of these groups is to destabilize the state of Israel, and these groups are pushing their agenda from every corner of the globe. The wave of hate, racism, and bigotry has made it very hard for any sensible benefits to be made in the process of getting a lasting peace solution to the never-ending war.


According to Adam Milstein, the problem with radical leftists is their warped view of the world. The leftists seem to view Israel as an oppressor of Islamic believers in general. This generalization does not put into consideration that there are moderate Muslims, who the Jews have no issues with, and then there are the radical Muslims. When Muslims are viewed as one Monolithic block, they come out as the oppressed party, but in reality, there is extremist who is mistreating women and other minority groups.


Adam Milstein goes ahead to explain that when people are tokenized in this manner, the Jews are viewed by the rest of the world as colonial oppressor whose main target is the Muslims. The trend has led to people who advocate for Israel’s agenda being castigated. For instance, when Zionists try to take part in events such as the SlutWalk, whose main aim is to raise awareness against sexual assault, they were expelled.


In the past, radical Islamists have also aligned themselves with the right wing, because it served their interests. A good example is a recent case where Bernie Sanders campaigned for the UK Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It is evident that the ideology to delegitimize Israel has entered the mainstream and is gaining momentum.


Adam Milstein is one of the most respected members of the Jewish community in the US. Adam Milstein has been named in the list of the 100 most influential Jews along with leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu. He runs his foundation in conjunction with his wife, the Adam, and Gila Milstein Foundation. The main aim of the foundation is to support pro-Israel advocacy in the US and around the world.

Jed McCaleb in the cryptocurency sector

Jed McCaleb is a player in the newly established cryptocurrency industry. He is one of the people who is doing a lot in making the industry better than it has ever been in the past. Through him, the cryptocurrencies industry has seen some vital innovations come up. He started innovating when he created Mt.Gox, the first centralized exchange platform for bitcoin. He sold the platform which was hacked while in the management of a different person. Among the things which he is interested in is to see the industry gain and become acceptable in the financial sector currently, digital currencies have not made any good growth due to the numerous technology relate challenges it has faced. For instance, hacking is one of the biggest threats to the growth of the industry.

Jed McCaleb came to know about this digital currency when he read about bitcoin in an online article. The article discussed the new concept and even had a link to the bitcointalk which by then had less than 200 participants. He was interested in knowing what it was all about and that is how he found himself in the industry which is now his life.


Jed McCaleb has excelled because he never shies from doing the right thing. While most of the people in the industry are after money, he is more interested in making the technology secure. The security of digital currencies has been a concern for most of the people. It looks like anyone can lose them through hacking which is not good for the industry.


Jed McCaleb is currently the co-founder and CTO of Stellar Foundation, an organization which is leading research work aimed at coming up with a universal payment system. McCaleb formed this organization after he realized that he could ever accomplish his goals riding on the supervision of others.


Jed McCaleb believes that with a single payment system, digital currencies will be more acceptable than they are right now. McCaleb blames cartel for the slow growth of the industry. The cartels are interested in making money than improving technology on which it rides on. These cartels are the ones behind numerous ICOs which are scams.

Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Industries

Sheldon Lavin is one of the people who has played a critical role in the growth of OSI Group. LLC. He was brought into the company at a time when there was a need for the business to change the manner in which it was conducting its operations, OSI Industries was receiving a huge demand for its food products from the McDonalds, and there was a need for OSI to produce more. For more production, the company had to increase its production capacity. More food production plants needed to be constructed in order to meet the demands. In the 1970s, OSI Industries was forced to open up the first food production plant to supply the McDonalds.

Sheldon Lavin was brought in the company because the company was growing rapidly and there was a need to have an experienced manager who could steer the company in the right direction. After working under this company for four decades, it is clear that Sheldon was the right person for the job. As the CEO of the OSI Industries, he has been able to drive it in a manner the founders were unable to do. When he joined, the firm had only one food processing plant and one client who was the McDonalds. With such a situation, there was a need to make the company independent. Over-reliance on one client was risky for the business.

Sheldon Lavin diversified the business in such a manner that it could survive without the supplies to the McDonalds. He also pushed the business growth to other countries. Currently, the company has operations in 17 countries, and its food products are being consumed in many others. OSI Industries has built 65 plants in different parts of the world as part of its growth initiative, Sheldon Lavin is being assisted in the management of the company by President David McDonald who has been in the food industry all his career life. The two has taken this company to a different level. OSI Industries is now ranked the biggest food processing company in the world and one of the top 100 private companies in the United States. Its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois.

Sheldon Lavin is dedicated to the company such that at 87 years, he still the CEO. His wish is to leave when the company has reached the levels that he wishes to see it reach. He wants every part of the world to be consuming the high-quality foods prepared by the OSI Group.

About OSI Industries: