Wes Eden’s is co-founder and chairman of Fortress Investment Group. He is a renowned businessman based in America, investor in private equity and owns a sports team. He co-owns Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise operating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well as the Fly Quest team League of Legends. He got his Business Administration and Finance B.S. from the State University of Oregon in 1984.Wes Eden’s started his career at Lehman Brothers in 1987 as a managing director and partner until 1993. He then moved to BlackRock Asset Investors in the division of private equity and held the positions of a managing director and partner until 1997.  He partners at Fortress Investment Group with Robert Kauffman, Michael Edward, Peter Briger and Randal Nardone, all of whom are its founders.

Sometime in 2007, Wes Eden’s’ investment style was featured in The Wall Street Journal. It was described as one that is based on creative financing, contrarian bets and a flair for developing stable businesses from investments. He and his partners took the firm public through the first public offering, where it was bought marking it as the first firm to be bought after being traded publicly. By 2009, Fortress had acquired $600 million having sold an 8% share to the public. Prior to the sold out, the assets of Fortress under management were private equity along with investment vehicles that were alternatively traded publicly. These included four funds that were hedge, two vehicles of real estate and fourteen funds of private equity then it went public.

Wes Eden’s and his partners first became billionaires when Nomura Holdings, a holding company of finance from Japan acquired 15% share of Fortress at $888 million in 2006. He became co-chairman of Fortress’ Directors Board in 2009. He is also chairman of Infrastructure and Transport at Fortress. He is a big lead behind the current fortress creation of the eSports team fly Quest which already has a competing team in the Champion Series of the League of Legends in North America. He also catalyzed the acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services by Fortress. He chairs Nationstar Mortgage, a mortgage lender of home equity that is subprime, which was bought by Fortress in 2006 at $575 million.He and Marc Lasry co-own Milwaukee Bucks, a team that they bought from Herb Kohl at $550 million. They promised to make the team stay in Wisconsin and construct a modern Arena different from the already existing one. He has a great interest in mountain climbing and horse riding.

Randal Nardone is a Revered Business Leader and Role Model

Randal Nardone is the interim chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group. He was appointed when Dan Mudd stepped down for reasons best known to the management. Besides that, he has been a co-principal of the firm since its inception in 1998.Nardone has additionally been serving as the co-founder and co-principal of Fortress Investment Group. He resides in the New York City and was ranked the 557th wealthiest billionaire with a net worth of $1.8 billion. In his capacity as a senior executive at Fortress Investment Group, he has facilitated global investment by overseeing the management of more than $43.6 billion in assets. Moreover, this company has over 1740 private as well as institutional investors of which, Nardone manages in different capacities as well.

It is projected that by 2017, the company had more than 953 workers spread over the affiliates. Randal Nardone has a rather interesting story. After graduating high school, he joined the University of Connecticut for two bachelor’s degrees; Biology and English. Later in his studies, he joined the Boston University for Law and majored in shaping his J.D. Furthermore, he started off his career at Thatcher Proffitt & Wood where he practiced law. Seeing that he needed to develop his career further, Randal Nardone became a partner in this law firm. He even joined the board committee and was a huge contributor to decision making. He then joined the Swiss Banking Industry at UBS as the managing director before heading to Blackrock Financial Management as a principal executive.

Fortress Investment Group has been a privately owned company until 2007 when the co-principals, led by Randal Nardone, held a public offering. Seven years after the public offer, Randal was named the Hedge Fund Manager of 2014. A few weeks after earning the title, his company was named the years’ management firm by HFMWeek.Over and above, Randal Nardone has been an instrumental leader in different firms. Over the years, he worked for New Residential Investment Corp. But that was not enough. He extended his expertise to Eurocastle Investment Limited; a firm that focuses on European Union’s investments. In the past, Randal Nardone served in different companies including SeaCube Container Leasing and Springleaf Holdings. Conclusively, Randal Nardone has co-founded other companies including FIG LLC, Fortress Marco Advisors, FM Falstaff Advisors and Fortress Credit Corporation. He also sits in a number of many board meetings that have succeeded because of his expertise in finance.

Michael Lacey

A gifted mathematician, Michael Lacey is a full professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. His thesis, under the tutelage of another brilliant mathematician, Walter Philipp, helped solve a decades old problem in Banach spaces. He continued research with Philipp on probability while holding positions at Louisiana State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 1987-89. In 1996, he moved to Georgia Tech, where he has been mentoring doctoral and pre-doctoral students. He also teaches undergraduate and grad students. His work on harmonic analysis and probability has garnered awards from several mathematics research institutes. In 1997 he was bestowed the Salem Prize jointly with Christoph Thiele. In 2004, he was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship and, in 2012, the Simons Fellowship. The next year he was inducted into the American Mathematical Society in recognition of his contributions to the field of mathematics in all facets.

Imbuing his passion for pure mathematics in students at all levels, Lacey has received rave reviews thanking him for his help, guidance and motivation as well as teaching his students to think at an entirely different level. As the director of VIGRE grants since 2002, he has been funding scores of postdoc and grad students in research and training activities that span the different training missions and research expertise of the school. Starting in 2008, he has used MCTP grants to support undergraduate students with scholarships or for summer research experiences. All these students have moved on to graduate programs across America and Europe.

Lacey and Larkin after the Case against Arpaio

Journalist duo Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin have been newspaperman since college. The two have dedicated themselves to a carer in journalism to spread truth and make people aware of the facts as they are without the imposed filters of third parties and unnecessary censorship.

The crusade started back in college and was brought forth after their academic institutions silenced the news about students being killed near campus. The school was aiming towards negligence and causing unsuspected ignorance among the student body and with as a false sense of safety.

Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin stood against that together with a few more students. That laid the foundations of their first business in media called the Village Voice Media. The business expanded across the United States of America and was the first sizeable professional work for Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey.

For Lacey and Larkin, the most significant achievement in their journalistic careers was taking down Joe Arpaio. The man had been occupying the post of Sheriff of the Maricopa County for a good 20 years. During his reign, the abused the badge and his oath and prosecuted civilians based on racist prejudice. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Joe Arpaio went to great lengths in his profiling of Latinos and covering up his heinous crimes. Joe Arpaio did not hesitate to start going after journalists and editors if the publication had written about him in an unflattering light.

Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin also suffered the backlash of the pseudo sheriff. Joe Arpaio approached them via e-mail and demanded information about the readers that have clicked on any of the articles about him that Lacey and Larin had published.

The journalists were alarmed by the progression oh Arpaio’s intentions as he was trying to collect private data about citizens, undoubtedly to victimize them next. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

After publishing about the incident, Lacey and Larkin were arrested unlawfully. The two men were taken away right from their beds at night and forced into cars and driven away to separate prions.

They were locked away for several hours. They were released only because of the outrage across the county and beyond as the families of the Lacey and Larkin spread the new about the ordeal instantly to raise some help.

All of that resulted in the Melendres vs. Arpaio which is the case that went down as the end of the ”worst sheriff in America”. Joe Arpaio was to be sent to prison.

He was one week away from receiving his sentence to at least ten years when Donald Trump poked in and issued a pardon. Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin, as well as the many families that Arpaio had ruined, saw the criminal walk away. That was yet another example of how one criminal slithers up to the ranks of leaders in order to maintain the hoards of criminals beneath him.

Lacey and Larkin now lead the Frontera Fund and work towards bringing back some peace and care to a country they see as unlawful and slowly unraveling.

Jeremy Goldstein New Compensation Standards Are Coming And Compromise Is Key

Nearly every company on the market today has to dedicate some time to creating compensation and incentive packages for their employees. This is a must to find the most professional and talented employees. Without adequate compensation, employees won’t stick around before moving along to another company that has better benefits. Increased incentives also go a long way in increasing productivity among employees. There are many different options that have been offered to employees in terms of benefits, though the most lucrative in terms of value for employees have typically been in the form of stock options. These incentives gave employees a share of the company that could potentially increase over time. Unfortunately, this means that the incentives go down if the share prices drop, which is where the problem comes in.


Jeremy Goldstein has been working with corporations to go over possible knockout options, which would render the old stock options obsolete. Jeremy Goldstein is a compensation expert with more than 20 years experience as a lawyer specialized in compensation law. He owns his own practice, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, located in New York and is one of the leading compensation law firms in the United States today. Jeremy believes the knockout option will be beneficial to both parties in various ways. Employees will see higher salaries annually, meaning more money each week. Businesses on the other hand, especially new businesses, will save money and time with these new incentive plans. Corporations will also be able to lay out their compensation in a clear manner, rather than something complicated like stocks, to their potential employees.


Jeremy Goldstein recommends that people read his articles on the knockout options and what they will allow companies to offer. There are many benefits to go along with both sides. At best, employees and companies are going to need to find the ground to compromise when it comes to compensation because things are changing for better or for worse. In the end, Jeremy understands compensation better than most and he has suggested this is a move int he right direction for longterm company growth and employee compensation. Learn more: