Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall is a Unique Shopping Experience

People who have had the chance to visit the Manaira Mall are able to see what the mall is all about and what makes it unique. Aside from the rooftop expo center and the traditional shops that dot the interior of the mall, Roberto Santiago did everything he could to make it unique. He even designed the outside to be a modern building so more tourists would be attracted to it. Roberto Santiago has always tried his best to make the most of his building expertise. He has done a lot of work on the Manaira Mall and that shows in the way he does things. By making the mall the best it can be, Roberto Santiago is giving people the option to shop the way they want while they are also enjoying the restaurants and entertainment options the mall has to offer. Roberto Santiago knew it would make sense for people to try different things and that’s what has allowed him to continue growing the mall.


Even when Roberto Santiago was doing the first few phases of development with the mall, he was giving people the options they needed to work toward a better shopping experience. Roberto Santiago has always tried to make the most out of the mall and out of everything he has to do with shopping. He has also made things easier on people so they don’t have to think about a lot when they are shopping at the Manaira Mall. Whether they want to be entertained, eat or enjoy the designers there, you can do it easily.


To make the mall an even more convenient option, Roberto Santiago is designing a hotel that will be directly connected to the hotel. The whole idea of doing that is so people don’t have to worry about where they are going to stay if they are coming to the area specifically to see the hotel. Roberto Santiago knew there would be many people who would be interested in the hotel. Doing this gave him a chance to design a better place for people. He has made sure the hotel fits in with the aesthetic of the mall.


Everything that Roberto Santiago has done has led back to making sure he can help other people out. He helps the tourists with a mall that is fun and engaging. He helps the locals by providing them with valuable resources and jobs at the mall. He has also helped many people who would not have had the opportunity to make their life better if it weren’t for the mall and the opportunities it provided. Roberto Santiago made sure he was doing what he could to help the community he was a part of.