Securus Technologies on Top of the Security Solutions Industry

For any business owner, security of their company is one of the main concerns. There is a large number of factors that can influence the safety of a business or a particular office in a negative way. In North America, there is a company that has been providing a solution to those problems for years – Securus Technologies.


The headquarters of Securus Technologies are located in Dallas, Texas, and it was established in 1986. The company is the largest provider of security solutions across North America. Securus Technologies works with business owners of all sizes as well as with correctional facilities such as prisons and youth establishments. The company is also a provider for governmental units such as police offices, counties and so on. Up to date, Securus Technologies has provided their product and services to well over 3 000 clients. The CEO of the company is Mr Richard A. (Rick) Smith who started occupying the position on June 23, 2008. The areas served by Securus Technologies are Atlanta, Carrollton and Allen which are areas in the state of Texas, as well as Georgia.


Recently, there has been a lot of recognition for Securus Technologies by the thousands of people they have provided solutions for. On the official website of Securus technologies, there are numerous reviews left by business owners, representatives of various facilities, as well as families. The reports also feature stories about how people managed not only stop crime from going on in their offices but also to prevent it. The success stories are laced with gratitude, and that serves as a testament to how fruitful and efficient Securus Technologies is.


Among the latest news regarding Securus Technologies, is the announcement that the CEO of the company made. In July 2016, Chief Executive Officer Mr Richard A. Smith proudly announced that over the past three years, the company had invested over $600 million in the development of the enterprise in terms of technological solutions, acquisitions, and patents. Among the most recent additions to their services is the Wireless Containment Solution which they added in 2017 and it is among the most popular solutions for businesses.


Construcap Construction And Their Brazilian Expansion

One of the biggest names in construction in Brazil is Construcap, and they do quite a lot of work to ensure the companies around them have proper contracting services. This article on Facebook explains how Construcap has done a great service to every company that wishes to build more for the future. Someone who is building with the Construcap team will see their projects finished faster, for less money and with better results.

#1: They Work Across The Land

Construcap has projects going in every part of Brazil, and their name may be seen in many places across the country. They have their banner flying high where they work, and they assist everyone from the smallest of companies to large oil firms. Their work is considered among the best in the world, and it ensures every job is done to a modern standard.

#2: Building In Large Numbers

The Olympics and other events have brought quite a lot of people to the shores of Brazil, and the country is growing at a rate that construction firms cannot keep up. Construcap has done much of the work of building a new Brazil, and the company is allowing for many more projects to be completed in a year. The beauty of the projects makes the country look better, and it adds to the mystique around this special company.

#3: They Work Quickly

Construcap is known for completing their work in a timely manner, and they have done quite a lot of work to ensure they are giving customers a better experience on each job. They move fast, and they stay on budget to allow customers peace of mind. The company on is respected for how it approaches each job, and the jobs become much more than a simple building. Each job is a commitment to Brazil.

The Construcap difference is found in the way they approach their work. They are showing customers a better way to manage their building projects, and they are doing so for less money. Much of the new Brazil has been built using their help, their materials and their ability to create beautiful structures at