All About American Idon’s Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is known as one of the faces of American Idol for years. He can also be heard in several radio programs like the “American Top 40” and “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“. He also started co-hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan” on WABC-TV. He is known for appearing on TV, local radio shows, and behind the camera being a producer. But who is Ryan Seacrest behind the light of the entertainment industry?

Who is Ryan Seacrest behind the camera? He has diverse entrepreneurial ventures that are still related to media and entertainment. One of his ventures is the clothing line called “Distinction”, which delivers premium fabric menswear that emphasizes classic and iconic style. This venture was founded in 2014 and has been one of the leading menswear lifestyle brands since then. Distinction offers tailored accessories, clothing, sweaters, pants, outerwear, and more. The collection is available in all Macy’s stores nationwide. Seacrest is also expected to launch a skincare catered for men in partnership with dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. The name of the skin care business is expected to be “Polished by Dr. Lancer” and is expected to come this summer.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is also one of Seacrest’s media-related ventures. The foundation is dedicated in building media centers which are named “Seacrest Studios”. The studios are designed to help in the healing process for children in pediatric hospitals. The studio features interviews, live performances by artists and celebrities, talk shows, sports, and educational segments. He is also an investor on media, youth-focused, and entertainment-related companies like the Civic Entertainment Group, Pinterest, and DigiTour Media.

He can be heard during the weekdays on his show On Air with Ryan Seacrest” which is aired every weekday morning on 102.7 KIIS-FM. Every New Year’s eve, Seacrest can be seen in ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” As a producer, he launched the Ryan Seacrest Productions in 2006 and has been producing some of the most popular TV shows ever since. Some of the TV shows produced by RSP are “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, “E! Live from the Red Carpet”, “Shahs of Sunset”, and “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”

Dr. Saad Saad: Concussion Advice

Many parents will have important questions on a wide variety of health topics regarding their child’s health. Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has spent the majority of his life caring for kids.

With all the controversy regarding contact sports, he has been getting more questions from concerned parents about whether these activities should be avoided or if their child is injured what are the apocopate steps that should be taken.

Dr. Saad Saad tells parents that his biggest concern over many sports is the child getting a concussion, which in the long run can lead to serious issues such as dementia and severe memory loss.

Dr. Saad Saad informs parents that a concussion is a brain injury with different levels of severity that occur due to a blow to the head. This could also happen if a child is hit or shaken too hard and the brain starts to move very rapidly.

If the brain is subjected to this rapid movement or force, there can be severe damage to the brain cells. A concussion will usually not result in a fatality, but that does not mean that they should be taken lightly.

In the instance that a child takes a blow to the head, there are several warning signs that a parent should familiarize themselves with that would indicate their child is suffering from a concussion.

A worsening headache, seizures, throwing up and nausea, extreme fatigue, and unconsciousness are some of the symptoms that a child may experience. Most of the time these symptoms will show up immediately after the incident but other times it may take days for the symptoms to appear. If symptoms last more than a few days, they should be taken immediately to an emergency room.

Rest is the best medicine for a child who has experienced a concussion. The recovery period could take several weeks. It is important that they avoid physical activity such as sports.

It also may be wise to take a few days to stay home from school. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

After several weeks a child should be feeling better. Dr. Saad Saad warns parents that it may still be possible for symptoms to last a month or that they may return the moment a child tries to engage in their usual physical activities. Some concussions are extremely mild, while others are severe. It is important to treat a concussion based on how severe the symptoms are.

Children may get upset during the recovery period because it may mean they have to miss their favorite sport for several weeks. It is important that the children avoid physical activities and possibly going to school until they get approval from the doctor that it is safe to return to their normal routine.

Sunday Riley’s Skincare Products Can Rejuvenate Your Beauty!

Providing the best skincare products since 2009, Sunday Riley is a person who utilizes botanical and science-based ingredients to produce the finest beauty products.

The brand, so far has 13 skincare products all with exceptional names. It has 226,000 followers on Instagram. With a company based in Houston, Sunday Riley has some amazing products that you would love to get acquainted with.

1. Luna Sleeping Night Oil:

Heard about beauty sleep? Well, how about a nourishing oil that made you have desirable skin over a few nights? Luna sleeping night oil is an innovative retinol oil that will make wrinkles fade, it will improve the appearance of skin by lessening redness and pores as well. With a product that is suitable for all skin types, you will definitely look younger with use of this night oil.

The product is packed with rich chamomile essential oils; it has a visible effect of lessening premature aging signs

2. Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser:

For a deep cleansing effect, a mild and nurturing face cleanser is all you need. It is formulated with some amazing ingredients that include French green clay, white clay, and bentonite. While the ceramic slip facial cleanser pulls off all the layers of dirt from skin, it also keeps your skin hydrated to provide you with a radiant effect.

You can even remove your make-up with it and it won’t cause irritation or redness. It suits all skin types while it is also silicon-free, oil-free and fragrance free.

3. U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil: Sick of blemishes and acne? Try this face oil!

It consists of a unique formula that includes retinoid and essential oils. To have a glow you dream of, Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil is the beauty product you truly need. It clears congested pores, treats and prevents the occurrence of acne and blackheads. It also helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its ingredients include tea tree oil, black cumin seed oil, licorice, and hexylresorcinol.

4. Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream:

With the fast pace of life, having to cover dark circles is the problem of every other person. But Sunday Riley’s eye contouring cream works excellently for brightening up dark circles and depuffing.

Packed with extra-ordinary beneficial ingredients that are organic in nature, this contour cream is perfect for you no matter what your skin type is. Ingredients include Brazilian ginseng root, acmella oleracea, watermelon rind extract, cocoa butter, shea butter, and sodium PCA that provide hydration and nourishment to the skin, hence diminishing dark circles, lines and depuffing eyes.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden has Shown Her Brilliance in the Cosmetic Surgery Field from Early on

From her days engrossed in her academic studies at the Galveston, Texas located Univesity of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Jennifer Walden has always shown clear evidence of her superior intellect in the field of medicine. This is evidenced by the fact that she had the proud distinction of being the salutatorian of her class at the school. Upon her graduation, Dr. Jennifer Walden went on to complete her fellowship in the field of aesthetic surgery. This was completed at the world-renowned Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. This institution is located in New York City, New York. Upon completion of this fellowship, Dr. Jennifer Walden has gone on to become one of the most respected cosmetic surgeons in the plastic surgery industry in America.

Dr. Jennifer Walden focuses on the area of cosmetic surgery in her medical practice and is renowned for her bedside manner and ability to empathize with her patient’s needs. Her practice is also extensive in terms of the amount of cosmetic surgery techniques that Dr. Jennifer Walden offers. These services include Botox, Breast Reduction and Augmentation, Blepharoplasty, Cheek Implants, Dermabrasion, Liposuction, Otoplasty, Chin Implants and many other plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a prolific publisher in the field of cosmetic surgery. She has published peer-reviewed articles on topics ranging from silicone and saline breast implants to facial contouring and brow fixation. Dr. Jennifer Walden has also written on how she set about building up her highly successful cosmetic surgery practice.

It is also a fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden occupies a bit of a rare space in the field of cosmetic surgery. It has long been a field dominated by men and she realizes that she is somewhat of a rare case in that regard. Dr. Jennifer Walden does believe that being a woman has been helpful in building her practice as she sees more female patients than male patients. Coming from a female perspective has greatly helped her to emphasize with her female patients and has led to her reputation for being one of the most caring professionals in her branch of the field of medicine.


Marc Beer’s Successful Career

Marc Beer is a successful businessman and a leader who has had an eventful and successful career. He is a veteran executive who has had more than twenty-five years’ experience in development and commercialization experience in various fields including biotechnology, pharmaceutical device and also in the diagnostic sector. After graduating from Miami University in the year 1987, he has had an opportunity of working in various companies. Marc started his career at Abbott where he served as the director of sales training and development. Due to his hard work and determination, he soon shifted the Biostar, Inc. where he played the role of vice president as well as the sales and marketing corporate officer. Learn more:


Marc Beer’s undisputed passion and enthusiasm in his career have given the opportunity of working for many companies. The most interesting thing about Marc’s career is the fact that he has always served in big positions for all the companies he has ever worked for. Under his leadership, Marc has always been able to bring a lot of positive results to his employers. That is why Marc Beer is currently known for giving important advice that is related to leadership. Some of the companies that Marc Beer has worked in include Genzyme where he served as the vice president for global marketing, the chief executive officer for ViaCell, the chairman for Good Start Genetics and Minerva Neuroscience, and Renovia Inc. where he is the current chairman and chief executive officer for the company.


Marc Beer at Renovia


Marc Beer teamed up with other partners in the year 2016 to form Renovia Inc. The company was started in order to assist in developing and commercializing products for better first line diagnosis and treatment. This will play a great role in improving some specific conditions for millions of women who have pelvic floor disorders. With the leadership of Marc Beer, the company’s chief executive officer, Renovia has grown at alarming speed to the point of having more than three hundred employees who are competent and always determined to offer their best services to the company’s clients.


In one of his interviews, Marc Beer pointed out that he got the idea of Renovia Company from an old gynecologist who had 35 years’ experience in pelvic floor surgery. The gynecologist who had dedicated his last decade to finding ways in which women could avoid pelvic operation told him about the idea of opening a company that would work on innovating materials that could help women avoid an operation. Marc Beer also stated that he was able to bring his ideas into life by channeling them into the right field where they could find all the necessary resources for turning them into a reality.


Igor Cornelsen Career and Rise to Success

As a popular Brazilian investor, Igor Cornelsen is probably one of the most respected investors in the area. Born in 1947, the respected investor got started in his career at the university of Curitiba Brazil when he was only 18 years. He joined the university to pursue engineering but two years later he studied economics. He was excellent in calculating rates which made him emerge as the top class performer. His real investment journey began when he joined the investment bank in 1970.

With proper skills in this sector, Igor Cornelsen rose quickly in the industry. In 1974, in a promotion he became part of the board of directors and later became the company’s CEO, in a span of just 2 years. His position was not for so long as the Bank of America later acquired the bank. In 1985, he moved to Unibanco and then to Libra bank later on which was the mark of opened opportunities for the investor. For seven years, he served in the board of Standard Chartered Merchant bank.

With a wealth of experience amassed form the different corporations Igor had worked for so far, it was time for him to start his own company. He did this in 1995 where he has been working until today. He serves as the investment manager of his own company. Igor is keen to attribute his success to the experience that he gained over the years working for the different companies.

In addition to that, he is also successful because of his commitment and focus to excelling. Keeping up with markets and economies observation is also a crucial component of his success in a highly competitive world of business. He continues to grow himself through significant interactions with friends and acquaintances who share different views that influence his experience.

GreenSky Credit innovates with retail bridge loans for average consumers

Real estate development is one of the most cash-intensive businesses around. Major commercial real estate development projects might require hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in cash infusions years before the first cent is ever made. In this regard, real estate development itself is more akin to venture capital than even other cash-intensive industrial businesses, like petroleum or coal.

But this means that commercial real estate developers, even at the lower end of the spectrum, require a wide range of often-sophisticated financial vehicles that allow them to get their projects done to spec and on time. Among the most important kind of financing available to real estate developers is something known as bridge financing. This is an interim and usually short-term source of financing that allows developers to keep their projects moving forward when other funding sources prove to be insufficient. In essence, bridge financing acts as a sort of credit card for bigtime real estate developers, but with limits in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

Home improvement is just real estate development on a smaller scale

But prior to 2006, there was essentially no equivalent of bridge financing for retail customers that wanted to carry out home improvement projects. Unfortunately, homeowners looking to remodel suffer from many of the same problems that large real estate developers have, just on a smaller scale. In particular, the cost of remodeling even a single room in a modern home can easily run into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet, there was no way for these homeowners, who often had prime credit scores, to borrow the funds they needed on a short-term basis.

GreenSky Credit changed all of that. GreenSky was the first company to offer a true form of bridge financing at the retail level. With GreenSky loans, customers were now able to be instantly approved for loans up to the six figures. And GreenSky gives customers true instant approval, not just preapproval. In many cases, the funds can be wired into the borrowers account by the end of the day.

GreenSky is helping homeowners get projects completed.

Randal Nardone’s Commitment to excellence

Randal Nardone is one of the Founding partners at Fortress Investment Group and his idea was to help other with a chance for a better future. He believes that the company thrived because of the role he played in setting it up for success. He has remained true to his efforts and wants people to understand how hard he works to remain active within the business. Being part of the company compels him to provide what people needed and he also believes in meaningful endeavors that can change the course of the business for the better.

According to Forbes, Randal Nardone ranks 557 in the billionaires list. Randal has served as the Principal at Fortress Investment Group since 1989 and rose to become CEO, a position he held until 2013. He started his career as a lawyer at Thatcher Profit & Wood. Randal Nardone manages all legal matters and finances at Fortress Investment Group. He has more than 53 million shares. Currently he sits at the Fortress Investment Group’s board of directors.

He has contributed a lot in building the firm to become a globally recognized financial services firm. His expertise in legal matters contributes to his unique legal advice that he provides to the firm’s management

Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut where he majored in English and biology. He later joined Boston University’s Law School. After graduating with a law degree, he joined Thatcher Profit & wood. Later, Randal left to try new opportunities in the financial sector. When the entrepreneurial bug bit him, Randal cofounded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Over the years, he has helped in building the firm and enhancing its steady growth. Since he was part of the firm’s top brass, he helped in the company to win several prestigious awards.

He has also helped in founding other companies like the Fortress Macro Advisors, Fortress Credit Corporation as well as FM Falstaff Advisors LLC. He is the president of Ncs 1LLC, President, and Chairman at Springleaf Financial Holdings and the Vice President and Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings.

Randal continues to pay a vital role in ensuring Fortress Investment Groups stays ahead in its Operations.

InnovaCare Health and Their Cutting Edge: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare is a company that has been on the cutting-edge when it comes to helping patients and providers with medical care. The main headquarters of the company is located in Fort Lee, New Jersy. The leaders of the company have more than a century of combined experience when it comes to caring for the patients and insurance companies that pay for the care of the patients. two of the main reasons this particular company has done so well in recent years is due to the efforts of CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinindes. The company was founded in 1998 and has been going strong ever since.

Rick Shinto has been with the company from the very beginning and understands the maze of cutting-edge technology and the hoops that patients and insurance companies have to go through to help provide the best care possible. Over the years Rick Shinto has been honored with awards from his peers in the industry. One of the most prestigious honors that he has won over the years came in 2012. Rick Shinto won the Ernst and Young Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. This award proves that Rick Shinto provides top-notch service to his clients and that certainly extends to InnovaCare. A second prestigious award that he has won was a top twenty-five Minority executives in health care. He received the award in 2018 and it is proof that he is still on the cutting-edge of the healthcare industry. That is the way he likes it.

Another reason that InnovaCare has been so successful is due to Penelope Kokkinides. She is a woman who is always on the go. In an interview with Ideamensch, she says that her life is very busy and she would not have it any other way. She always stays in touch with her team and she says that good ideas come from anyone in the company. She makes sure to get the most important things done each day and is always thinking about how to take the next step forward for the company. Being so driven is what has made her so successful.  To see more visit

These are two of the main reasons why InnovaCare is the successful business that it has become. Being able to provide for people is at the heart of the company and working with insurance companies too. That is the way they both like it to be. You can checkout for more details.





Betsy Devos: the new Education Secretary

Most people know Betsy Devos as the US Education Secretary, but she has been working in education circles far before this moment. In fact, she has been helping to build the education system in Michigan. By working through her foundation and other philanthropists, she has created a space where students are able to pick where they want to go to school. This places more emphasis on learning as students can now pick where they want to go and don’t have to rely on living in a certain area in order to go to a school that isn’t failing.


There are a number of schools that are failing in the United States, despite reports that show that standardized testing scores are up 20 percent. Betsy doesn’t really condone Common Core Math or standardized testing. She wants students to enjoy the right curriculum, and currently, it’s difficult to say how public schools fit in. While philanthropy has been a major rule for providing for these programs, Betsy Devos has stated that her foundation alone has donated over $134 million to the educational choice movement.


She also has backers like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. Philanthropy is one of the driving forces behind educational choice. Without it, there would be more difficulty in getting funding for some of these programs as they help underprivileged children qualify for better educational programs.


Educational choice simply means that students can go to any school, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the student gets a voucher to do so. While much of the argument revolves around public funding for private schools, students actually have to pass rigorous testing and application process before being accepted into a charter school or private school program. Even then, it’s very difficult to get a voucher while getting a scholarship first.


Devos has been speaking around the US about educational choice, but she has also tackled other issues since taking office. One of the biggest is school safety reform. She was appointed to head the movement after there were a few different school shootings. Ultimately, Devos said that she wants America’s schools to be safe spaces where children can focus on learning and not violence. To this end, she doesn’t agree that teachers should be trained to operate a gun. She wants to keep as many guns off campus as possible.


Devos will continue to work in Washington for another two years and hopefully make some headway in school choice and school safety.


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